What is the best food to take camping?

It’s that time of year. The weather has broken and it’s prime camping weather. One of America’s favorite pastimes, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying nature and wildlife, wouldn’t be half as good if we did it while we were starving. Sometimes you want an escape from the day to day, without going completely “pioneer”.


So that begs the question. What are some of the best foods to take camping? This is likely going to be a hot debate, with some people looking for foods that might need a cooler to best enjoy, while others may prefer the “backpack stable” foods that can be stored in a bag or tent without any additional prep. 


Either way, we have a shortlist of the best foods to bring with you when you go camping. Whether you’re going for the weekend retreat or an extended wilderness trek, we’ve got some great ideas.

The Staples

Dry Cereal

This is the perfect quick energy and simple snack food, especially if you’re camping with kids. Bring a box or two of the littles favorites, plus some oats or similar for the grown-ups. On mornings where maybe the fire isn’t quite ready, but bellies are rumbling, dry cereal or cereal with some quick powdered milk can hit the spot.


Of course, bread would make the list. Sandwiches are fast and easy snacks and lunches while out on the trail or cutting through the bush. PB&J, deli, or less common combinations, it’s up to you.

Powdered Milk

Great for morning cereal, overnight oats, and lightening coffee and tea. Very often overlooked, bringing a small bag of powdered milk can make many other things better.


Often overlooked “home” foods that store easily for transport, and require very little to cook and enjoy. Pasta can be accompanied by a jar or can of preferred sauces. Rice is can be accented with some powdered spices, seasoning packets, such as soup or gravy packets, as well as powdered cheese.



The perfect morning and mid-day fuel food. If you’re bringing a cooler, make sure you bring plenty of eggs for campfire breakfasts, and hard-boiled eggs for lunches out on the boat or on the trail.


This is a breakfast favorite that can also come in handy for some bacon-enhanced burgers or dogs. It doesn’t take up much cooler space at all and is a great addition to pretty much anything. 

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are great for lunches, or dinner here and there, particularly if you will be camping with kids. Most kids get a kick out of finding a branch or using a store-bought roasting skewer to cook their own hot dog over the fire.


These are campground favorites and are usually eaten on the first or the last night for dinner since they are often the most valuable “cookout” foods.

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