You must have heard the urban legends of people living in the forests and jungles. But have you heard the rumors about feral people living in the US’s National Parks?

These speculations are widespread, and they discourage hikers and potential campers from going out and have fun in such places. Interestingly, there are variations, and you will hear different stories from different people. 

Feral People, National Parks, and Missing Persons – Truth or Tale?

Despite the outspread rumors about mythical beasts, cannibalistic, and feral population in the National Parks of the US, there is little evidence of their reality. As a matter of fact, most of the missing person cases were due to injuries, old age, and the inability to navigate the trail when hiking alone. 

Moreover, the missing persons’ list from the US National Park Service suggests most people who went missing were either very old or young. Feral people are those that live in the forest for as long as they might exist. Therefore, people believe that feral people are accustomed to feeding on other humans (i.e., cannibalism).

More importantly, there are no evidence, reports, or even official documentation and digital capture of feral people in the National Parks. It might all be a hoax or just plain theories formulated due to the fear of strange places.

Just in case, also remember that the rumors and theories come directly from sources such as TikTok and YouTube. For many people, these are not valid sources for information on important discussions such as feral people inhabiting national parks.

The Rationality of Park Disappearances


Many different ideas and theories back the park disappearances, especially those from the National Parks. For that reason, it is up to the officials to rightly point out the possibility of valid theories and rule out the unnecessary and misleading ones.

Officials can provide rational explanations behind how a disappearance might have occurred under certain varying circumstances. For example, officials often suggest that inexperienced hikers and mountaineers get lost, which makes them sick, often due to the “lost” feeling. Other times, it is the harsh weather conditions and the lack of the ability to navigate. All in all, hikers and park goers who get lost usually succumb to illness.

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