How to Prepare For Pets on Your Camping Trip

Embarking on a journey to explore the wilderness is a fantastic experience. While the thought of spending the weekend in the woods may make some people lightheaded, others see it as an opportunity to explore. An even better way to enjoy outdoor activities is with your pets! You wouldn’t want your furry friend to miss out on an adventure, would you? 


While it may seem fun to let your dog accompany you on your outdoor trip, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid any trouble. Here, we have compiled a list of tips on how to prepare for pets on your camping trip.

How to Prepare Your Pets?

  • Assess Your Pet’s Nature

Are you entirely aware of your pet’s behavior and condition in various situations? The way your pet reacts to unfamiliar situations can be a liable disturbance and even a threat! To know if your pet dog is a couch potato or an athletic spirit is essential so you can coordinate activities together.

  • Pet’s Current Condition

Have you been keeping an eye on your pet’s health condition? As a responsible pet parent, it is your duty to look after your pet. Apart from that, judging your pet’s physical capacity is an essential factor in determining your camping trip’s success. Why?

Precisely, you have to make sure that your pet is fit enough to accompany you on an exciting journey.

  • Collars and IDs

First and foremost, outfitting your pet with an ID tag (collar ID) is essential. This ensures that you do not lose your pet, and even you do, an ID tag can help nearby campers return him/her to you. Searching in lost pet shelters can become fruitful in such cases. Additionally, do not forget to keep the same ID tag with you for clear identification.  

  • Ample Food Supply

Keep a kibble bag or whatever type of food that your pet prefers. For one, do not forget that food and water shortages can occur, and the same applies to your pet. Hence, keep an extra water bottle and a medium-sized grain pouch to feed your pet at all times with you.

  • Maintain the Regulations

Ensure that the camping resort company you select allows pet accompaniment. This way, you avoid wasting time and resources and determine which camping resort will be the best fit for you and your pet to enjoy!

  • Vet Checkups and Vaccinations

Lastly, do not forget to visit the veterinarian for your pet’s checkup. They can detect any underlying health conditions your pet may be facing. Knowing this allows you to ensure a comfortable trip for your furry friend. Ensure sufficient and timely vaccinations to avoid any unexpected hindrances in your camping trip. Lastly, make sure to keep some certificates or other types of proof to provide the camping resort. This is so they let your pet in with you.


These were some essential tips to prepare for your pet coming along on your next camping trip. For a memorable trip, you should choose the best resort there is. Ferber Resorts strives to provide the best avenues to explore and enjoy camping destinations in South Utah. Give us a call at 435-772-3237 for further information. Or, visit our website for inquiries. 

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