Tips on Cleaning and Storing Your Camping Gear

Your camping gear is your investment, and therefore, it is important to keep it clean and store it the right way. It is important that when you come back from a camping trip, you clean out the equipment and store it for future use. 

It is a good idea to clean up your equipment before you go on to store them. It will not only ensure hygiene but will also expand the lifespan of the products. Below are a few tips you can use to store and clean your camping gear. 

Cleaning and Storing Tents

Tents and camping gear are prone to damage, so carefully check and make necessary repairs. Check for damage on areas such as zips, groundsheets, and rain fly. More importantly, check out for holes in the tent since they provide an opening for mosquitoes. 

Sew the holes yourself or call a professional to do it for you. You can also use super glue to fix holes in the tent. Make sure to follow the repair guidelines from the manufacturers. After you are done, let it dry before you store it since wet patches can cause mold growth. 

Boots and Backpacks 

If you want to get the most out of your camping boots, you have to ensure proper maintenance. Without adequate care and responsible treatment, they may not last long, even if they are made of high-quality material. 

Clean the boots using a leather cleaner and dry them before storing them. You can also ask the cobbler to sew them for you if they are starting to wear out. 

You should clean out your backpack the same way since it can get pretty smelly and dirty after a camping trip. If you have a durable camping bag, it’s pretty easy to wash. If the cleaning instructions on the label say so, you can put it in the washing machine with some detergent. Remember to mend any holes as well. 

Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bags can also get pretty dirty on a camping trip. While you don’t need to wash them regularly, it’s important that you do so before you store them. We don’t recommend using detergents or strong solutions since they can have a detrimental effect on the overall quality. 

Wash them with the help of gentle soap and ensure they dry under heat. Then, store them in a dry and cool place. 

Water Bottles 

Another important thing for your camping is the hydration system. It includes water bottles and purifiers. Make sure to wash water bottles with warm water and dry them out completely. Do the same with the water purifiers. Lastly, store them in a clean enclosed space to avoid dust and infestation. 

Final Thoughts 

Camping is definitely a fun experience, especially if you go ahead with reputable and safe resort services to stay in. You can book your next vacation at Ferber Resorts and get the best traveling experience. Reach out to us now and discuss your exciting plans with Ferber Resorts. Call them at 435-772-3237. Or Email them: [email protected]