SPRINGDALE, UT [June 29, 2023] – Zion Canyon Campground and new Zion Canyon Cabins are located just outside of Zion National Park in the small tourist town of Springdale, UT. The Ferber family faced extensive flooding at their campground and the loss of their lodge and registration building. However, they have been diligently working on an exciting reconstruction project to not only recover but also showcase their growth. This effort will provide tourists with a new space to enjoy at Zion National Park.

Caption: The interior of the lodge directly following the flooding.

In June 2021, Zion Canyon Campground faced an unforeseen natural disaster. Floods swept through the area. Many businesses near the heart of Springdale City suffered damage, including the town hall and a nearby park. Flash flooding is common in Southern Utah, especially during the summer monsoon season. Freak storms cause rainwater to rush down city streets and parking lots. But it was nothing like the flooding responsible for this disaster. Now, two years later, businesses begin to rebuild and reopen their doors following difficult years spanning from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to the flooding in 2021.


Just before the flooding, the Ferber family had completed a one-million-dollar renovation to the original Zion Campfire Lodge hotel and the registration building. Due to the extensive damage nearly tearing down their hotel, the Ferber family came to the conclusion that there was too much damage to the integrity of the buildings, and they would have to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. Despite the setback, the Ferbers quickly began their renovation with a positive attitude and new ideas. 

Caption: Demolition crews are hard at work to tear down the original building to make room for the new building following extensive flooding in 2021. 

The rebuilding efforts have spanned over the last two years to recover what was lost. Following the flooding and upon the completion of the new site and cabins, Stewart Ferber said.”Two years ago, our hotel and campground were hit by a devastating flood, today we move forward with our new Cabin resort. We now offer two types of cabins, a new convenience store, and a refreshed campground.” 

New cabins and a convenience store have been constructed in place of the previous structures. The new cabins offer basic amenities. These include full bathrooms and kitchenettes while maintaining a rustic charm to complement the natural surroundings. They can easily accommodate your entire family while keeping close to Zion National Park. Check out the new cabins here. Drop by our new convenience store for things such as basic hygiene items, snacks, and drinks. And don’t forget the selection of souvenirs to remember your stay with us.

Caption: The new cabins preserve a camping feel while still offering basic amenities like a full bathroom, including a shower. 

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The amazing crew helping construct the new cabins and refresh the campground has done a great job of restoring the area to its original beauty. The Zion Canyon Campground staff is grateful for the support and assistance throughout its journey and looks forward to welcoming visitors to their new cabins. Check out the new Zion Canyon Cabins on their website and book your stay today!