The Essential Guide to Zion National Park

Did you know that nearly 4.4 million people made recreational and vacation visits to the Zion National Park of the National Parks in Southern Utah in 2019? Moreover, it will surprise you to know that despite the rise of the COVID pandemic, nearly 3.5 million people made similar visits to the Zion National Park in 2020, of course, with precautionary and health guidelines?

The whopping number of visits explains why the Virgin River, vertical walls, white, and red sandstones attract visitors and tourists nationwide and around the world. The main canyons in Zion National Park (Zion NP) are a spectacular sight and place to explore. So, let’s begin with the exciting information to harmonize 

Getting to National Zion Park


It is quite common to experience the overwhelming chain of questions and thoughts when deciding on a recreation or vocational trip, especially, to the National Parks. Zion NP is located near Southern Utah with a drive of nearly two and a half hours from the “Sin CityLas Vegas

In addition, it takes approximately seven hours from Los Angeles to reach the enticing Zion NP. Moreover, it is great in itself as a standalone destination whereas it can also make up an exciting experience of a road trip to Utah.

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park

What might be the best time to visit the Zion NP? If you love to move out and explore the wilderness in the cold seasons with chills on your back, the winter months are the best time for you to explore Zion NP. The crowd is less and the looks of the dusty lighting snow is simply magical.

However, in winter, trail access is restricted to specific spots and requires attention along with safety precautions to prevent unintentional accidents. 

While summertime is among busy, crowded, and extremely hot periods, it is still a great time to enjoy long hikes along the Virgin River in the main canyon. Keep in mind that the hot and adventurous wilderness of the Zion NP requires paying close attention to forecasts and other vital information.

For example, September is the flash flood season so it is better to avoid hiking through narrow canyons during rains.

Best Places to Stay in Zion National Park

South Campground

South Campground in the Zion National Park states around the northern part of the Visitors Center along the main road. It comprises a sum of nearly 117 non-electric sites. It is widely open throughout March-October though advance reservations are necessary to stay on the site.

Watchman Campground

The watchman campground site is open and available for reservation year-round. It comprises nearly 190 electric sites and tents for reservations which are from March-November. The Watchman Campground is at the back of Visitors Centers. Bear in mind, if you aim to stay there, you have to book approximately 6 months in advance as the reservations fill up fairly quickly.

Zion Lodge

Zion National Park Lodge, the single in-park lodging of Zion NP, is open year-round for accommodations and reservations. It includes suites, historical cabins, and of course, hotel rooms.

There are also private porches and balconies to let you aspire to the beauty and majestic sights of the 3000-feet vertical walls.


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