Plan the ultimate vacation at the fantastic Zion National Park. The fantastic year-round family park boasts a plethora of enjoyable outdoor activities. All the while making sure employees and consumers follow proper SOP’s.

From making sure everyone wears a mask properly to practicing social distance because of the park’s expansive grounds, Zion National Park is a unique nature and science park where people of all ages can enjoy. Here’s a list of enthralling and exhilarating activities you and your family can do in the Zion National Park during the COVID-19.

A Stunning View

Enjoy walking through the beautiful park while maintaining physical distance to get the perfect fun and safety mix. The remarkable park offers a breathtaking view of the sky during sunrise and sunset when prepossessing colors overtake the sky.

Besides this, Zion National Park boasts an expansive dedicated area where stargazers can lay. Relax and rest above fresh grass while stealing sneak peeks at the picturesque view.

Recreate Safely

Your safety is the park’s number one priority. Thus, to protect the lives of the workers and visitors, the park requires everyone to wear masks at all times.

The park provides appropriate protective gear to employees to ensure everyone can enjoy the outdoors without the risk of getting hurt.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities Safely

Zion National Park requires viewers to wear proper face masks when entering federal buildings like historic structures, visitor centers, and museums. They must continue wearing face masks on NPS-managed lands where viewers cannot practice social distancing.

Other than that, Zion National Park offers viewers an array of thrilling activities to enjoy. The park’s vast lands allow viewers to maintain physical distance when hiking, biking, riding horses, and whatnot.

Look at Wonderful Species of Birds

Perfect for animal lovers, Zion National Park’s dedicated spot allows bird enthusiasts to gaze at nature’s most exotic species.

Connect with nature by adding the excellent bird watching area to your elaborate trip planner. Spot the world’s most exciting and unique birds to make your day all the more exciting. Be sure to keep a handy bird guide and camera with you!

Select the Best Trail

Allow your daredevil side to take over as you venture through Zion’s incredible trails. From a thrilling hike alongside the beautiful riverside to an adventurous climb through the Kayenta Trail, here you can sift through millions of trails featuring different difficulty levels and timings.

Moreover, to protect your health while having fun in the park, the park introduces public health measures like capacity limits and one-way trails. Enjoy hiking through the trail that grabs your attention without the fear of getting sick.

Luxurious and Comfortable Bedding

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Enjoy a delicious breakfast alongside deliciously warm coffee to kick start your day.  Plus, enjoy all your favorite shows on the hotel’s wide TV or take a refreshing swim in the pool outside.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket today to rejuvenate your holiday experience while ensuring yours and those around your safety!