Road Trip Activities for Families Who Want to Travel Unplugged

Planning the perfect vacation with your family? Then it’s likely you’re mapping out the whole road trip, as well as activities to enjoy at your destination. If you’re in Utah, the incredible Zion National Park is a must-visit place.

Offering a plethora of exciting activities, this beautiful park makes your holiday all the more fun-filled and adventurous. From climbing remarkable trails to gazing at unique species, there’s a lot you can do in the park. But what about things you can do while you’re driving to the park? Here we discuss a couple of easy yet interesting ways you can enjoy your road trip:

Make the Perfect Travel Coloring Tray

What better way to keep your little one engaged and happy than with the help of a color book and colored pencils? One excellent way of enjoying your time in the car is by purchasing a big travel bag where you can put a number of different objects. Here’s how you can sufficiently prepare it for your road trip:

  • Purchase coloring books and sketch pads to ensure your little one can enjoy either of those activities.
  • Buy colorful tapes, pipe cleaners, craft trays, various markers, and no-roll triangular crayons and neatly arrange them in the tray.

Craft Cute Friendship Bracelets

These classy and wholesome bracelets come in various different colors, shapes, and sizes. But one thing’s for sure; these will never go out of style!

From simple yet adorable braid designs to complex and stunning knot styles, this creative, attention-grabbing, and challenging project is the perfect way to kill a couple of hours in the car. The best part? You can continue enjoying this activity in your camp later at night as well! Here’s all you have to do to prepare yourself for this activity:

  • Find and print directions for crafting friendship bracelets. Look for various different styles requiring beginner, as well as complex skills.
  • Purchase vibrant embroidery yarn and keep scissors. You may even keep a clipboard to help hold papers when creating your bracelets.
  • Last and most importantly, make a pact that you’ll wear the bracelet during your vacation, as well as keep it with you forever.

Play Road Trip Games

Make your road trip all the more memorable by enjoying some amazing road trip games. Make sure any game you choose features portability, requires less space and successfully engages your kids. Here are a couple of fantastic games you can enjoy:

  • Rush Hour- a challenging, brain teaser
  • License Plate Poker- an advanced version of ‘ISpy’
  • Smart Games- the perfect magnetic puzzles
  • Simon-Simon- a loud yet amazing memory game

Visiting Zion National Park to Enjoy an Unplugged Vacation

Make the holiday season even better by visiting Zion National Park. From picturesque views to exciting hiking areas, where people get to enjoy various different activities. You can even venture through an array of different trails depending on your skills and interests.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the perfect day off by visiting the amazing Zion National Park.