Why We Don’t Feed the Animals At Zion National Park?

According to some experts, feeding wildlife is not an act of kindness as it does more harm than good. If you don’t know, animals fed with human food may develop health conditions putting their health and even life at risk.

So don’t feed the animals at Zion National Park or even any other park as well.

Human food can affect animals’ health and repudiate their growth. Remember that animals are equally important in stabilizing the ecosystem. So avoid feeding them human food.

Human social life and wildlife

Zion National Park is a beautiful spot and popular for its Canyon Overlook, pools, forest, desert, waterfalls, and Narrows. All this and more like its gardens and wildlife attracts thousands of visitors. You will see many animals here and there, wild and free.

People visit this park to enjoy the beautiful nature and see the animals. Many visitors offer food to animals. Don’t. This is how you may start disturbing an animal’s life.

First, animals can be aggressive if expecting people to feed them and don’t get it. Human food can lead animals to catch different medical conditions and erratic behavior.

Problems due to Humans Feeding Wildlife

  • Human food is not healthy for wildlife animals
  • Such feeding can lead to common public safety concerns as animals can crowd in for food and fight among themselves to get their share
  • Such interaction with animals can make them fearless
  • At the same time, humans can catch animal-related diseases as well like foxes, skunks, and raccoons can carry rabies of one or another type
  • Human food will not provide the energy and fats animals may need to travel more frequently, eventually leading to a disturbance in the ecosystem.
  • Many animals like a bull, deer, elks, moose, etc., migrate every season in search of food alone, and many wild animals migrate to mitigate climatic conditions
  • Human food can lower animals’ energy level, and they may stay in the same area, thus disturbing the wildlife norms
  • Artificial foods like popcorns, chips, fries, and juices can increase the chances of transferring disease from humans to animals or vice versa.
  • You may get injured while feeding the animal with human food
  • Furthermore, feeding corn to a deer can disrupt the acid levels in their stomach –another unwanted situation.


Therefore, feeding animals in zoos or national parks like Zion Park is discouraged owing to strict dietary controls. Regular consumption of human food can cause vitamin deficiencies in animals. These are the reason why we don’t feed the animals at Zion National Park or other parks, zoos, and animal sanctuaries.