You may be planning your next destination right at this moment. If so, where are you considering going? If you are planning a trip to a beautiful nature destination, as many travelers do, then you just may be considering seeing Zion National Park. Many people want to see a natural place but they worry about what close-by stays will be like. If you are planning to visit Zion National Park then you are very much in luck because just 12 minutes from the park is Ferber Resort’s Fairfield Inn Virgin, a tranquil and upscale hotel! Here are 5 benefits of staying in a hotel on your next trip.

  1. Pool & Spa – After long hikes in the Zion National Park mountains, relax at the pool or soak your tired muscles in the hot tub for a rejuvenating experience.
  2. Conference Rooms – If you’ve opted to take a company work trip to Zion National Park then a hotel stay is the best benefit for your team. Enjoy access to large conference rooms that are all yours when you book your next stay.
  3. Deluxe Breakfast – To prepare for a day of long hikes and gorgeous sights, begin with an energy-boosting, nutritious breakfast right at your hotel.
  4. Wifi Access – Don’t get cut off from the things that are important. Do you want to Zoom with your family back home? Or get some work done on your off time? Staying at a hotel allows you 24/7 access to wifi that can make your trip meet all your needs.
  5. Luxury Beds – Rest, rest, rest. After a long drive, hike, or traveling, the number one thing you need is a good night of rest. Hotel beds allow exactly that!


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