When deciding to go on a family trip, a solo trip, or a trip with friends, one important consideration is where you plan to sleep. One option is camping, and another option is sleeping in a hotel or rental building. Here we go through the pros and cons of each in this segment: Camping Vs. Hotel Stays.

Camping Pros:

  • Save Money: Camping allows you to save the money you would spend renting a hotel for a night and instead have minimal costs for your overnight stay.
  • Experience Nature: When you camp you are able to experience a closeness with nature that simply isn’t possible when spending the night inside of a hotel.
  • Campfire: Who doesn’t love a campfire? The perfect time to tell stories, roast marshmallows, and truly enjoy the camping experience in its entirety.

Hotel Pros: 

  • Amenities Galore: That’s part of the reason we stay in hotels right? Everything becomes simplified and occasionally, that’s exactly what you need. A free breakfast, a hot shower, and a hot tub soak to end the day.
  • Kid Friendly: Though camping is relatively kid friendly, let’s imagine you have a toddler or an infant. If a camping tent is your only means of protection during the night, you may have valid concerns such as temperature drops, insect bites, and maybe a missed night of sleep if the baby just isn’t happy there. A hotel eases these concerns and gives you a stay that is essentially a home away from home. 
  • Food: When you go camping, you must pack essentially all of the food that you will need for your trip. In a hotel, however, you can eat free breakfast and almost always will be close to other restaurants or food marts.


Whether you decide your next trip should be a camping stay or a hotel stay, contact Ferber Resorts so that we can get your vacation planned and ready!