While staying at Feber Resorts, you are bound to find yourself hiking! Knowing how to prepare for the weather and emergencies can help you and your group stay safe while hiking in Zion National Park and other trails in Southern Utah. Don’t catch yourself in a sticky situation without these essentials. Let’s prepare for the best hiking experience while visiting Zion Camp! 

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Dressing for the weather in Southern Utah can differ depending on the time of year you visit. The summers in Zion National Park are extremely hot, while the winters are chilly due to the region’s desert climate. Wear light clothing or removable layers if you find yourself here in the summer. In the spring and fall, it’s best to wear layers because the morning and evening hours tend to be chilly. Wearing layers allows you to shed a layer if you become overheated or put it back on if you get chilled. 

The shoes on your feet can make or break your experience on any trail. You don’t want blisters on the first day of visiting Zion National Park. Wear a pair of shoes or hiking boots that are adequately broken in and comfortable for an extended period of time. Ensure they have a grip for climbing steep rocks or hills. 

Check the weather before you set out on your hike, and be sure to adjust your outfit accordingly. If you plan on hiking somewhere you know you’ll be wet, it might be best to bring an extra pair of clothes and shoes. Walking in wet shoes increases your chances of getting a blister. Dressing with the weather in mind can help prevent heat exhaustion or frostbite. 

Pack Plenty Of Water & Snacks

Hydration is essential when hiking. Water prevents your body from overheating and dehydrating. You should always have at least a water bottle or two with you on the trail. After three days without water, the human body will start to shut down, so be sure to hydrate before, during, and after your hike. Everyone in your party should have their own water bottle and a backup if going on an extra long journey. 

Snacks or packed lunches are necessary for restoring and maintaining your energy as you hike. If you will be exploring around meal times, pack a lunch and find the perfect picnic spot among the natural beauty of Zion National Park. Always toss in a few munchies for you and your group to snack on while you stroll through the wilderness. 

Safety Tips

Safety is a major concern when going out in the wilderness. Plenty of hazards are along the way, ranging from dangerous inhabitants to sheer cliffs. Plan your trip and don’t leave without a navigation device such as your phone, or if you know that you will be without service, pack a compass or a map. As an extra precaution, inform someone about your location and when you plan to return. This can help loved ones locate you if you find yourself in a difficult situation. 

Minor cuts can be easily cared for on the trail by packing band-aids and first-aid items like wipes and pain relievers. Other things to include are sunscreen and insect repellent. Because Zion National Park is at such a high elevation, getting a sunburn becomes a lot easier. Be sure to lather any exposed skin in sunscreen, especially your ears and the back of your neck, and remember to reapply after a few hours. Insect repellant prevents mosquitoes and other insects from biting and causing discomfort, especially if you are in an area near the water. 

Be Prepared

You don’t want to be caught in a tough situation without the essentials. Always plan for any exploring that you do. Plan a route, check the weather, and let someone know where you are heading before you begin your hike. Pack your water, backup water, and snacks to keep yourself motivated and energized. With these tips and tricks, you will be prepared for any hike in Zion National Park! Book your stay at Zion Camp today!