National Parks are one of the most beautiful things that the world has to offer. When the United States decides to declare a place a national park, several amazing things happen as a result. Here are 6 reasons why national parks are amazing.

  1. Preserve Beautiful Places

    National parks are government-funded lands that are protected by workers and park rangers and this protection (due to the declaration of the piece of land being national park status) protects the environment in this area as well as the ecosystems, allowing the National Park land to stay as pristine as it is.

  2. Hiking Trails Like Nowhere Else

    Think about taking a gorgeous hike into the Zion National Park mountains. But once you get up a trail a ways you look back to take in the views and there are houses. Factory farms. Plants. The site of such unnatural buildings would be a harrowing experience while out in nature. Thankfully, national parks prevent building operations like this from happening so that we can enjoy the land for what it is, natural, beautiful land.

  3. Show Our Intentions

    When a piece of land is declared a National Park, we as humans show our true colors and intentions. By protecting land for what it is instead of trying to pull revenue from the land, we show intentions to preserve a beautiful thing that Earth has created and offered to us.


National Parks are American treasures that absolutely should never go anywhere. Being able to connect with the land around you is a critical part of living as a human on this planet. You can achieve so much when you are grounded and connected to the nature around you. Contact Ferber Resorts so that we can get your vacation to Zion National Park planned and ready!