Zion is barely an hour’s ride from St. George, in the southwest region of Utah. Popular for its famous viewpoints, steep hills, hikes, and campground, it is perfect for people who yearn for adventure but don’t want to tire body to the point of exhaustion. The national park has plenty of forests and open areas that make it home to some of the best campgrounds in the US.

Many people don’t like the idea of huddling in a van to enjoy sightseeing, and just the idea of camping is vexing for them. We can’t say that camping in Zion is free of it’s the usual hassle, but we can guarantee that its campgrounds are better than most in the country. You’ll have plenty of things to do, from hiking in Weeping Rock and Canyon Overlook to camping in Zion Canyon Campground.

The Hot Spot:


Zion is famous for its unique canyons that have prominent whites and reds in their sand formation. People come to Zion National Park from far and wide to see its canyons and camp near one of its many canyon campgrounds. If you are truly looking for a relaxing camping experience, Zion Canyon Campground is the best for you. Away from the hustle-bustle of the holiday crowd, you’ll be able to find complete peace here.

Compared to other campgrounds, Zion Canyon Campground may not give you the same crowd as other campgrounds, but you’ll have easy access to showers. Despite not offering many private sites, you can enjoy the quiet of nature because of fewer people.

Easier Than it Looks:


Van life in any campground is the same since all owners have followed the same set of rules and regulations. You should always keep your pet in an air-conditioned 4/7 trailer, and even then, you can’t have more than two pets with you. You are also not allowed to bring your pets with you on a camping site, no matter what campground you choose to camp.

Once at the campground, you don’t have to rely on your trailer for the basic facilities of sewage and showers. You’ll have BBQ grills, picnic tables, bathrooms, power outlets, fire pits, camp supplies, and several other facilities at your disposal. Van life on a campground is not as difficult as it may seem, especially when the camping site is in Zion.