While every season has its benefits and things to look out for, the fall season is like no other. It has the most desirable pros of every season, while not seeming to have any cons, such as the relentless snowfall, swarm of mosquitoes, unstoppable rains, and extreme humidity. No doubt this season provides a pleasant atmosphere; all the while, it stays.

If you plan to visit a National park soon, Fall is the best time to execute your plan. Besides providing a breath of fresh air, Fall has the following reasons why you should visit a national park during this time: 

  1. Less Crowd in Fall

The summer season, no doubt, provides a memorable time for the family to enjoy and vacation together; however, people who plan to drive to the national park know how detailed it could get in summer.

It’s not just the traffic on the roads, but also hiking trails full of people, parking lots filled everywhere, and all the fun-filled rental activity spots already full by mid-morning. It’s only in mid-September that you can find an attendance drop-off which can help you to have clear roads and vacant facilities, helping you to enjoy your National park visit to its fullest.

  1. Fall Foliage at its Best

There could be nothing worse than visiting a National park via road, and not being able to see the beautiful colors of Fall. September and October are ideal for you if you want to have a fair share of the natural artistry of yellowish and orange trees. One can’t expect a desert park containing a canyon lined with maple trees, but it’s possible in Fall. However, fall weekends are still busy and crowded at the National parks, so plan a weekday to allure the beauty of nature. 

  1. More Accessible Water Levels

Some famous National parks have treks and hiking routes going through water, which are only accessible when the water levels are safe. Fall is the best time for such trekking as the water levels are at their normal level. Fall is also the least prone to flooding and mosquito season. It makes it the best season to trek and explores the forests.

  1. Perfect for Outdoor Activities

Mid-fall – the months of October and November – is the perfect sweater weather to perform all kinds of outdooroutdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, and general adventure. The temperature during this season is mostly between the high 40s and low 60s for most National parks in the country, which makes it the perfect season to enjoy outside without getting worried about drastic or extreme weather. 

  1. A Budget-Friendly Season

The summer season brings crowds and hikes up the prices for campsites, lodging, and other kinds of facilities and activities. While in Fall, after labor day, prices drop drastically, making it far easier for you to bargain offers for campgrounds, inns, hotels, RV parks, and much more. Not just the national parks, you can even hit some discounted offers in the cities close to or adjacent to the parks. 


A visit to a National park, especially through a road trip, only makes the Fall season most appropriate and pleasant for you. You will have lush scenic beauty, clearer roads, budget-friendly options, and accessibility to all kinds of outdooroutdoor activities in the fall season. 

If you plan to have a fun-filled time with family at a National park, contact us at the Zion Canyon Campground to have the time of your life.