Tips for Planning a Winter Zion Adventure

It doesn’t matter whether you grew up in Southern Utah or any other part of the country, Zion National Park is a must–visit place for thrill-seekers in the US. But since the park offers some of the best sights for a memorable adventure, you should be extra careful to plan according to seasonal changes. While it’s extra beautiful during the chilly season, not taking required precautions can cause safety and health issues.

Here’s what you should know before going on your winter Zion National Park adventure.

Only Head Out during Daylight

The park is extremely large and covers a massive landscaped area. Getting lost on the confusing trails and wilderness isn’t uncommon. Keeping that in mind, you shouldn’t head out after daylight, especially if you have pets or kids with you. You should be mindful of the clock because in winter, the sun sets early and rises late. 

Remember Essential Gear

So, you’re planning a winter adventure across the beautiful and mesmerizing trails of Zion National Park? In that case, don’t forget any essential gear for you and your friends can need. During winter, heavy frictional boots are necessary to avoid slippery and moist surfaces, especially steep ones. On top of that, you will need warm coats, gloves, and hats to keep your entire body hot enough to cope with the freezing temperatures, which can drop to mid 40s during winter in Zion.

Don’t Forget Essentials

Regardless of the season, you should stay hydrated. This is because you can’t take any chances with the wilderness and the water present there. Keeping an extra bottle of water on hand can help you maintain your intake. Furthermore, here’s a list of essentials that you should have at all times. This is regardless of whether you’re hiking across Zion:

  • Flashlight
  • Maps
  • Smartphones/Cell-phones
  • First aid kit
  • Water bottles
  • Extra snacks (in case you want to munch)
  • Protein diet (for maximum energy)
  • Extra pair of warm clothes

Keep Eye Protection

Don’t forget that chilly and snowy air can cause eye strains which can potentially lead to future eye health problems. The dry and cold winds mean that your tears dry up fast. Hence, try to keep a pair of sunglasses, artificial tear eye drops, and sunscreen to protect your screen from the harsh switch between excessive sunlight and extremely cold air.

Don’t Engage with Wildlife Unnecessarily

This is a no-brainer, but still, most people tend to ignore this valuable tip. Although there are peaceful and calm animals out there in the wild, there are also those who are highly aggressive and protective of their kids. Feeding or unnecessarily engaging with animals out in the wild, especially during the winter season, can bring on potential health and safety risks. So, avoid doing that or ask a guide for help. 


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