There are so many hidden hiking trails near Zion that you need to add to your to-do list while visiting us at Zion Canyon Campground. We are beyond excited to share some of our favorite local spots with you! Our suggestions vary in length, difficulty, and distance from the resort, so select the ones you feel comfortable completing. 

We also want to remind you to be prepared when hiking in these areas. Remember to stay hydrated and pack extra water, especially because of the arid climate in Southern Utah. Book your stay at our NEW cabins at Zion Canyon Campground today! We hope you find a fun adventure to enjoy with your family and friends.

Snow Canyon Overlook 

Located just 50 minutes from Zion Canyon Campground, this stunning lookout is one you don’t want to miss. This hike is an easy-to-moderate 4.7-mile hike out and back with a few sandy areas. Typically it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete. When you arrive, park in the large designated parking area. There is a small bathroom located near the entrance. Pets are allowed on this trail, but be sure to keep them leashed to respect the other visitors. From the top of this trail, see all of Snow Canyon State Park and beyond. This view is one of the most incredible views in Southern Utah, and it’s worth every step. Put this trail on your list for your next trip to Utah!

Water Canyon 

Water Canyon Trailhead is located in Hildale, Utah, on the border of Utah and Arizona. As you make your way to this hike, take in the desert scenery on this very straight, flat road. You’ll turn off the main highway and make your way through Hildale. On your left, Canaan Mountain is visible, the perfect photo op location if you’re looking for a great view of the red rocks scenery in Southern Utah. There are two parking areas, one just before the small reservoir and the other just above.

The trail is about 3.3 miles out and back. There is a small waterfall less than a mile from the trailhead. Pay attention. This trail is poorly marked due to little activity. This trail follows the river responsible for creating the canyon you walk through. Look up to see the small sandstone arches towering over you. This trail is truly a hidden gem in Southern Utah, and it is totally worth the 50-minute drive to the state line. 

Sand Caves

The Sand Caves are about 5 miles north of Kanab, Utah, a small town east of Zion National Park. This local spot is a little further than the rest of our favorite gems, but it’s worth every mile. From Zion Camp, make your way through Zion National Park to Mt. Carmel Junction and down SR-89 to find this unique rock formation. It will take you about an hour to this destination.

There is limited parking in this area, and no bathrooms, so be sure to be courteous of other visitors when parking. Make your way along the trail to a large rock area. This hike is a little on the difficult side as you must make your way up a sandstone area that is quite steep, but it’s only a short 1.2-mile distance to the cave. Once at the top, you’ll enter a sand cave with ‘windows’ overlooking the highway, the perfect spot for an incomparable photo of your time in Utah!

Kanarraville Falls 

Kannaraville Town is located just off I-15, a 35-minute drive from Zion National Park. Kannaraville Falls is a longer and more challenging hike than the rest, as it’s 4.8 miles out and back, but it’s worth the difficulty for the experience. This is a water hike and cannot be completed without getting wet. This trail also requires a permit which you can purchase online here

The trail often crosses the creek and eventually enters a slot canyon where you have to walk through 3-8 inches of water. This trail is not recommended for small children unless you intend to carry them along. The hike makes its way through the canyon, where you will climb multiple ladders up waterfalls to reach the top. This hike is absolutely beautiful and a great place to get out of the heat in the summertime! 

Toquerville Falls

The town of Toqerville is known for its falls. This hike is located about 35 minutes from Zion Canyon Campground. Toquerville Falls is a great place to swim and hang out, especially during the warmer months in Utah. To get to the falls, you must drive on an 11-mile rough dirt road to get to the area. We recommend a 4X4 vehicle in this area. You can drive all the way to the falls on this road. Be sure to park completely off of the road to keep out of the way of traffic and be respectful of the surrounding landscape.

This spot is truly a hidden desert oasis, surrounded by stunning landscapes and views. Toquerville Falls is a local spot for swimming and enjoying the summer heat here in Southern Utah, so don’t be surprised if you run into other visitors. The falls are an excellent spot for a one-of-a-kind photo while visiting Zion National Park. We highly recommend visiting this spot, so pack your swimsuit and a water bottle and soak in some sunshine! 

Remember to add these to your list while visiting Zion Canyon Campground. Book your summer getaway today!