Expect to See Wildlife During Your Zion Adventure

Planning a trip to the Zion National Park in Southern Utah is one of the must-dos of living an adventurous life. The most amazing wildlife sightings in Utah are in Zion National park. Even if you’re going there for the hiking and biking trails, expect to see wildlife as well. From reptiles and mammals to birds, the Zion National Park (ZNP) houses several endangered species. So, do you know where you may spot wildlife in ZNP? Do you know which animals are the most dangerous and endangered ones? Well, this post is for travelers who love to explore the wilderness around them.

Animals to See in Zion National Park, Southern Utah

There’s a diverse variety of animals living in Zion National Park. Some of them include reptiles, apex predators, and birds of prey. Some of the most popular wildlife animals in spotted in the Zion National Park over the years include:

  • Mountain Lions
  • Mexican Spotted Owl
  • California Condor
  • Collared Lizard
  • Mule Deer
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Desert Tortoise
  • Ringtail Cat

What Animals are Difficult to Spot in Zion National Park?

California Condors aren’t only rare in Zion National Park but on the entire planet. Consider yourself quite lucky if you’re able to spot or two California Condors during your adventure in Zion National Park. Although spotting them isn’t that difficult, they’re so few that you might have to search for them in the park. Spotting a ringtail cat, mountain lion, and the desert tortoise is also quite difficult. But don’t lose hope because you never know!

While desert tortoises are extremely rare and only a few have been spotted over the years in Zion National Park, they engage with the most care for their safety. For one, Mountain Lions are secretive and stealthy by nature, so spotting them will not be an easy cat. The same goes for a Ringtail Cat.

Will the Wildlife be Dangerous in ZNP?

Well, it depends on several factors. It can result in a dangerous engagement if the animal feels threatened or if you act inappropriately. While there have been extremely little to no wildlife incidents at Zion National Park, the only threat most people worry about is the western rattlesnake. Mountain Lions aren’t that big of a threat as well.

Popular Places to See Wildlife

There are several places where you will encounter more wildlife in Zion National Park than others. These places house the most wildlife sightings in the park:

  • Riverside Walk
  • Angel’s Landing Trail


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