Hiking may be intimidating for you. Maybe you’ve never gone before. Or perhaps you’ve always considered it too strenuous and less enjoyable than the way others describe hiking. But if you remain determined to pursue hiking, allow us to offer you some beginner’s best hiking tips. After all, hiking is a great way to get exercise, explore new places, and see sights that you’ve never seen before! It’s also the perfect opportunity to get outside and connect with nature in a meaningful, productive way.

Tip 1- Hike with company.

When you hike with someone else, it can help keep you encouraged while you are first starting out. Having someone doing the same thing as you, at the same time, can help you both keep each other motivated and held accountable. It can be a great way to tackle a hike you’ve been dreading on your own. 

Tip 2- Follow the trails.

Safety is always the most important when it comes to any activity, exercise, or hobby. Always, always, always be sure that you are being safe first and foremost. When it comes to hiking, safety is practiced when you follow the trail markings that you see, when you learn the trails beforehand, and when you travel with the proper self-defense equipment (for bears and for other people). 

Tip 3- Charge your phone first.

Being alone in the wilderness can be a dangerous activity. If you are able to, always take your phone on your hikes with you. Make sure that they are fully charged before beginning your trek. This can help provide you with directions, and the ability to call 911 in an emergency. Plus, it may help in an array of other crises.


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