Southern Utah has so many off-the-beaten-path wonders to explore. If you’re visiting Zion National Park, here are a few more spots worth stopping at. Add these locations to your itinerary to discover more of the famous red rock landscape.

Sand Hollow State Park 

This state park is located just outside of Hurricane, Utah. Chances are you passed it on your way out to Zion. The reservoir offers opportunities for water sports such as jet skiing, boating, tubing, and if you’re brave enough, cliff jumping. If you’re not one for the water, check out the south side of this state park to see a red sea of sand. The sand dunes spill onto the side of the water creating the perfect relaxation spot! Rent an ATV for the day and ride to sights you won’t see anywhere else. 


The Sand Caves

Located near the border of Utah and Arizona, The Sand Caves offer slot canyons and caves similar to a subway system. Enjoy incredible views on this moderate hike. There is much to explore in the nearby town of Kanab just down the road. Only an hour from Zion National Park, this quaint town has many memorable spots, including the Moqui Cave and the Red Pueblo Museum. 


Kolob Canyon 

Kolob Canyon is located just 40 miles North of Zion National Park. While it does not offer the same views as Zion, they are just as incredible. This scenic spot can be accessed via the five-mile Kolob Fingers Road Scenic Byway. This is the only paved road in this section of the park, so if you’re not in a four-wheel drive vehicle, we suggest staying on this section of the road. Consider packing a picnic lunch and heading out for a relaxing drive. Enjoy the views along the way. There are many turnouts to enjoy the view and take photos if you desire. 


Snow Canyon State Park 

This state park is located north of Saint George, Utah. As you drive up SR-18, look to your left to overlook the park. You can access this lookout via a short dirt road. The turnout is about a mile before the park entrance. This is a great photo opportunity! Once in the park, there is a range of hikes with varying difficulty levels. Jenny’s Canyon is a great one if you have kids! If you have time, consider renting a bike or an e-bike to ride up the west canyon for a different view of the park. 


Water Canyon

This hidden gem is located in Hildale, Utah, on the border of Arizona and Utah, just an hour away from Zion National Park. There is plenty of parking for this trailhead, but typically it is not extremely busy. The trail is a moderate 3.3 miles round trip. Enjoy the towering red rocks surrounding you as you hike through this canyon. Don’t forget to look up and see the small arches at the top of the stones. The small stream running through the canyon creates a peaceful environment to enjoy the native flora and fauna on the hillsides. 

There is much to explore while you stay with us at the Zion Canyon Campground!